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Advanced Strategies: Understanding Butterfly & Condor Spreads

Why should you consider using a butterfly or condor spread? These are limited risk strategies that allow investors to collect options premiums. This seminar will start with a review of vertical spreads and examine how vertical spreads are the foundation for butterfly and condor spreads. You will learn how to construct butterfly and condor spread positions and define the risk versus reward aspect of each strategy. The iron butterfly and iron condor strategies will also be explored.

An intermediate understanding of options, coupled with practical experience with both option and stock investing, will be necessary to fully benefit from and understand the material that will be presented.


Volatility—why is it such an important factor in option pricing? What drives it? How often do volatility levels change and does that change impact your option prices? Join us as we discuss the differences between historical versus implied volatility and analyze how to best use volatility to your advantage with practical examples and various option strategies. 

To sign up and take this opportunity to advance your understanding of options we recommend:

  • A solid understanding of option fundamentals
  • A firm comprehension of option pricing
  • Familiarity with a wide variety of option strategies
  • Experience with both buying and selling options
  • Tolerance for some statistical mathematics – just enough to solidify your understanding

Evening Seminar Series

Learn the benefits of investing with options in a three-night OIC seminar series taught by options market professionals. Gain insight into basic-level options strategies such as buying and selling options and other more advanced strategies. By the end of the seminar series, you will understand options-pricing concepts such as how to calculate market exposure of options positions and measure the risk and reward potential of options trades. You’ll have an understanding of exercise and assignment, Greeks, volatility and other important options concepts. You will also get a perspective on managing trades and stress testing positions. And, you will learn hands-on techniques, such as how to enter options orders online.

Session 1: Options Fundamentals

This session is the first of a three-part series. In this class, you’ll learn about the benefits of investing with options. Understand basic usage of long calls and puts plus gain insight into basic-level strategies for options investors.

Topics covered in this session include:

  • Buying and selling options
  • Exercise and assignment
  • Understanding options pricing

A basic knowledge of stocks and some experience with stock investing will be helpful before attending this seminar.

Session 2: Trading & Understanding Risk

In the second session of this three-part series, you will build upon your options knowledge by learning how to calculate market exposure of options positions while also learning how to measure risk and reward potential.

This class will cover:

  • Measuring profit and loss potential
  • Trading basic options positions
  • An introduction to the Greeks
  • Options volatility

An understanding of the basics, as well as limited experience trading options, will help you make the most of this seminar.

Session 3: Option Trade Management

This last session in the series is designed to help you gain perspective on managing trades and stress test positions plus you’ll learn how to better understand and achieve your investment objectives. Learn techniques on how to enter options orders online.

Other topics covered include:

  • Using options data
  • Options trade execution
  • Risk tolerance and position sizing
  • Stress-testing options positions

An understanding of the basics, as well as limited experience trading options, will help you make the most of this seminar.

Webinar Series

Check out our new educational initiative – the OIC Webinar Series! Every month, our in-house experts – along with industry leaders – will be presenting seminars on a wide range of options topics. From the opening welcome to the last question, we’ll be done in just about an hour. We hope you’ll make the time to join us and commit to learning more about listed options.

Register for a webinar today, click here.

Options Education Day (OED)

The Montréal Exchange, together with The Options Industry Council (OIC), offers Options Education Days, full-day trainings designed to provide retail investors with the knowledge needed to successfully navigate the options market.

Options Education Days offer two different packages that are tailored to an individual's level of investment knowledge. One is geared towards beginners and provides attendees with an introduction to options trading, terminology, essential concepts and an overview of basic options strategies. The other package is tailored for investors with greater investment knowledge, and covers topics including protective options strategies, the importance of volatility, currency options and how to expand on alternative investments.

The workshops are designed for retail investors who possess knowledge and trading experience in equity markets. Options Education Days are also useful for investment advisors who are interested in learning new strategies to assist their clients, and can be especially helpful within a competitive market.

Please register onlin for any event you wish to attend. Registration links are provided below next to the event descriptions. If you experience a technical issue, please contact Investor Services at

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