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Executive Biographies

  • Mary Savoie
    Executive Director, Options Industry Council
  • Denise Knabjian
    Vice President, Internet and Investor Services, Options Industry Council
  • Frank Tirado
    Vice President, Education, Options Industry Council
  • Joe Burgoyne
    Director, Institutional and Retail Marketing, Options Industry Council
  • Eric Cott
    Director, Financial Advisor Education, Options Industry Council
  • Gary Delany
    Director of European Marketing and Education, Options Industry Council

OIC Roundtable Biographies

  • Arianne Criqui
    Vice President, Goldman Sachs Electronic Trading
  • John Denza
    Director, U.S. Sales, BATS Global Markets
  • Thomas Kennelly
    Lead-Trading Operations, MIAX Options
  • JJ Kinahan
    Chief Derivatives Strategist and Managing Director, TD Ameritrade
  • Molly McGregor
    Communications and Marketing Officer, International Securities Exchange
  • Barry Nobel
    Associate Vice President, U.S. Options and Futures Nasdaq, Inc.
  • Nick Otte
    Senior Derivative and Market Structure Analyst for Trading Services, Scottrade, Inc.
  • Pamela Quintero
    Director and Head of Digital & Content Marketing, CBOE
  • Bill Ryan
    Managing Director, NYSE Amex Options
  • Patty Schuler
    Vice President, Sales & Marketing, BOX Options Exchange
  • Gary Semeraro
    Director, UBS Wealth Management
  • Greg Stevens
    Vice President, Brokerage Product Development, Fidelity
  • John Denza
    Director, U.S. Sales, BATS Global Markets

Instructor Biographies

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