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March 2017

OIC Launches New Digital Education Advertising Campaign

CHICAGO (March 30, 2017) – The Options Industry Council (OIC), the leading provider of unbiased options education, today introduced its new digital advertising campaign, "The Next Great Investing Adventure." This campaign supports OIC's mission of educating individual investors, their financial advisors and the general public about the prudent and responsible use of exchange-listed equity options.

The digital campaign aims to encourage investors to learn how options can be used to help manage risk and meet their investment goals in different market conditions. It promotes OIC’s online educational programs including webinars, podcasts and videos. OIC is looking to attract experienced self-directed investors as well as the next generation of investors with this updated digital focus through such offerings as the option strategy videos; Covered Call, Long Call, and Protective Put.

With new videos, webinars and podcasts slated for introduction over the next several months, plus existing educational components on its website, OIC provides the tools, strategies and solutions necessary for investors to better comprehend the listed equity options market. The new digital campaign features various individuals depicted as bold, confident, and ready to commit to learning about exchange-listed equity options as they continue on their investment journey.

"Through this new campaign, we invite investors to discover the power and versatility that exchange-listed equity options provide as risk management solutions," said Mary Savoie, OIC Executive Director and First Vice President of Industry Services at OCC. "We want to enhance the learning experience for market participants and help the industry grow as we promote the benefits and risks of exchange-listed equity options to investors of various ages and experience levels," she added.

To see the first wave of the new digital ad campaign and check out OIC's educational offerings, visit:

About OIC
OIC is an industry resource provided by OCC, the world’s largest equity derivatives clearing organization. Its mission is to provide free and unbiased education to retail investors, financial advisors and institutions about the benefits and risks of exchange-listed options. OIC offers education which includes webinars, online classes, podcasts, videos, investing tools, and live help. OIC’s Roundtable is OIC’s advisory group and is comprised of representatives from the exchanges, member brokerage firms and OCC. For more information on the educational services OIC provides for investors, visit

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