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Mar 11, 2020
3:30 - 4:30 PM CST
Basic / Intermediate

Webinar: Options Premium and Pricing

So just how are options priced? The Options Industry Council is ready to help make it less confusing. Join speaker Stan Freifeld, Director of Corporate Services and Head Mentoring Instructor at the Option Strategist, for a webinar on March 11 to learn about:

  • Moneyness – in-the-money, at-the-money and out-of-the-money
  • Intrinsic value vs. extrinsic value
  • Options pricing models
  • How demand and supply affect pricing

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Mar 16, 2020
10:30 - 11:00 AM CST

Is there another investment path for portfolio managers to explore? Based on a recently released in-depth analysis of risk-adjusted returns over a 20-year period, perhaps there may be. CFA Society Atlanta has partnered with The Options Industry Council and Nasdaq as they host Dr. Edward Szado, author of a study titled "Endowment Risk Management and Return Enhancement with Listed Index and ETF Options," for a wide-ranging discussion. During the session, Dr. Szado, Associate Professor of Finance with the Providence College School of Business, will elaborate on his research, which found that two straightforward option overlay strategies might improve risk profiles and may simultaneously enhance returns for endowments, ranging in size, from small to very large. Register for this free event today.

Mar 18, 2020
3:30 - 4:30 PM CST

If you're ready to learn about non-standard option expirations, The Options Industry Council has the ideal webinar for you to attend. On March 18, our special presentation - Weeklys, Monthlys and LEAPS® - will tell you about:

  • The differences in these special expirations
  • Delta, gamma and theta
  • Options skew

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Apr 08, 2020
3:30 - 4:30 PM CST

Webinar: Covered Calls

Covered calls are one of the most often used options strategies – and for good reason. They can do two things: create an income stream and set an exit price for the underlying asset. Learn from one of the most recognized names in the industry as our featured speaker will be Alan Ellman, President of The Blue Collar Investor, who will take a deep dive into Covered Calls.  Join Alan and OIC on April 8th for a free webinar focusing on:

  • Moneyness and time value
  • Strike selection and early assignment
  • Cost basis and return calculations

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Apr 15, 2020
3:30 - 4:30 PM CST

We’ve all heard the myth of how risky options trading can be.  But did you know that options are often used to avoid or mitigate risk? If you've ever thought about how you might protect your long stocks or ETFs, or even how to recover from a position that's gone against you, OIC has a webinar you can't miss. On April 15th, join OIC Instructor Ed Modla to learn about:

  • The basics of put buying
  • Using puts to protect a stock position or portfolio
  • The motivation and execution of the Stock Repair strategy
  • Choosing strike prices and managing positions

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