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OCC, the world’s largest equity derivatives clearing organization, is committed to providing thought leadership and education to market participants and the public about the prudent use of all OCC-cleared products. One of the ways that OCC supports its mission is through the programs and services of The Options Industry Council (OIC).

For nearly 30 years, OIC has strived to continuously evolve its educational offerings to help investors learn about the benefits and risks of trading options. OIC leverages OCC Learning, a self-guided eLearning destination that offers options-related coursework complete with knowledge checks, podcasts and videos. Participants can track their progress within a platform that is tailored to a variety of learning styles and experience levels.

Expect to see various courses over the next few months including:

  • Introduction to OCC – Understand how OCC supports the industry by reducing risk and increasing market transparency
  • Options 101 – Basic Concepts and Terminology – Learn fundamental options terms and functionality, increase your knowledge about calls and puts while discovering the importance of exercise and assignment

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