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November 2023

Coming Soon: Modernized Tools and Calculators

For more than 30 years, OIC has strived to continuously modernize and improve its educational offerings to help market participants understand the benefits and risks of trading options.

To that end, OIC is excited to share the news that we will be adding to and enhancing the tools and calculators available through the website. These tools are provided by iVolatility and powered by real market intelligence, allowing investors to visualize data and understand how changes in various inputs may impact option positions – all in a theoretical environment.

Expect to see exciting new features in the coming weeks such as:

✓ Enhanced Options Calculator
✓ Statistical Probability Calculator
✓ Stock Monitor
✓ Options Profit and Loss Simulator
✓ Options Monitor With Quotes
✓ Implied Volatility Monitor 
✓ Plus, our new tools will feature an update to Today's Most Active Options   

Prepare to access these new tools by creating an account or signing in to an existing account on Your account will provide direct access to these premium resources upon launch. Stay tuned for updates!