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February 2022

OIC 2022 Educational Series: Fundamental Concepts of Options

As a new year arrives, so too does a new series of educational webinars from The Options Industry CouncilSM  (OICSM). In the first quarter of 2022, OIC instructors will focus on three important options investing topic areas: Getting Started With Options (January), Understanding Options Pricing (February) and Demystifying the Greeks (March).

Sessions will be led by market professionals, all with years of real-world trading experience, who are now serving as OIC instructors. Each webinar in the first quarter will be streamed live and is designed to help investors build on their knowledge of options, while including explanations of the benefits and risks of these investment tools.

Registration for OIC events is fast, easy and entirely free. Simply visit the events page on OIC's website to sign up. And there's an important benefit to registering that goes beyond the live events - signing up provides access to the on-demand library, where webinars can be viewed over and over, as many times as needed. Register today for OIC's first-quarter webinars.

To help investors prepare in advance for the first-quarter webinars, explore OIC's website offers options-related courses, detailed strategy pages, videos, podcasts and much more. The following links may be especially useful for the first-quarter webinar series: