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April 2023

OIC 2023 Educational Series: Generating Income, Hedging and Spread Trading

For the second quarter of 2023, The Options Industry CouncilSM is offering another slate of free educational webinars for option investors, with two new sessions each month. The six webinars scheduled throughout the quarter will cover three themes: income-generation in April, hedging with options in May and spread trading in June.

April webinars will begin with an overview of covered calls and the strategy known as the "poor man's covered call," then conclude with a presentation on cash-secured puts. In May, featured topics will be protective puts for session one, followed by option collars later in the month. Finally, the quarter will have two webinars on spreads, beginning with debit spreads before moving on to credit spreads.

Although each month's webinars provide a unique learning opportunity, OIC® believes investors may have an enhanced experience by joining both webinars during a given month. Sessions, all streamed live, will be led by OIC instructors who draw on their past professional experience in the industry to help investors understand the benefits and risks of listed options.

Registration is required to attend OIC webinars, but the process for signing up is simple. In addition, registering grants access to the OIC on-demand learning catalog, where investors can explore a variety of option materials any time. Visit the OIC events page on the website to register for a webinar.

To help investors prepare in advance for the second-quarter webinars, explore OIC's website offers options-related courses, detailed strategy pages, videos, podcasts and much more. The following links may be especially useful for the second-quarter webinar series: