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The Options Industry Council provides curated content specifically for options professionals. To access this content, users must create an OIC account and select "Financial Advisor" or "Insitutional Investor" during the registration process. 

When you register with OIC as a Financial Advisor, you'll have immediate access to a variety of materials that will help you understand the many ways in which options can benefit your clients. Plus, if you have questions about options and strategies yourself, OIC can be of assistance there, as well. OIC has been working right alongside advisors and individual investors since 1992, and its industry experts are always ready to clearly explain the power of options.

When you register with OIC as an Insitutional Investor, you'll get access to key research and analysis on listed derivatives, focusing on topics that are particularly relevant for professional investors and portfolio managers. Whether you want to learn about hedge fund strategies, how options can work for mutual funds or techniques for managing risk with derivatives, these institutional resources are the place to find it all.