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Managing a Position

Markets move and forecasts change, which can create challenges for investors. This section examines possible ways to change existing positions in response to market and forecast shifts.

The Dividend Effect

This rebroadcast from the OIC webinar program will discuss "The Dividend Effect", a concept that an investor cannot afford to overlook. Tune in to learn about the effect that a stock's dividend can have on an option's price - and on your account.

(7:04) - Recap of Option Pricing
(14:13) - Impact of Dividends on Option Pricing
(20:50) - Early Exercise and Assignment Risk
(32:15) - What Happens When a Dividend is Reduced or Eliminated?
(33:57) - Special Dividends and Options Adjustments

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The Directional Butterfly

The Directional Butterfly

This rebroadcast from the OIC webinar program will guide you through how the butterfly strategy works.

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