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Weeklys and LEAPS

In options, "time is money", whether its short-term or long-term. In this section, examine the difference between weekly and LEAPS options. LEAPS is a Registered Trademark of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (Cboe).

Weeklys℠, Monthlys and LEAPS®

If you are interested in learning about non-standard options expirations then you will want tune in to this on-demand webinar. This video will cover the details of Weeklysâ„ , Monthlys and LEAPS® option contracts. Additionally, we will review the factors that affect an option's price and provide examples of non-standard options expirations pricing.

(8:36) - Pricing
(23:25) - Weekly'sâ„ 
(34:40) - Monthly's
(38:00) - LEAPS®

Calendar Spread Trading Strategies Explained

Calendar Spread Trading Strategies Explained

Time spreads, also known as calendar or horizontal spreads, can be a great options strategy. Generally, they involve both short- and long-term positions over differing expiration months that can be used as bullish, bearish or neutral strategies, making them appropriate for a number of investment scenarios.

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