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July 2020

2020 Educational Series: Essential Theory

The Options Industry Council continues its 2020 educational series in the third quarter with another set of webinars focused on the benefits, risks and many uses of exchange-listed equity options. For the upcoming quarter, the theme is Essential Theory - and essential is the key word. 

Over the course of five webinars from July into September, OIC and our guest speakers will cover critical topics for anyone who is going to invest with options, from pricing models and dividend effects to put-call parity and volatility skew. Throughout the quarter, current and former market professionals will lead remote, live sessions geared toward making sure you understand what goes into pricing options, whether it’s a single call position or a multi-leg condor. 

You can watch our webinars from wherever you are. The best part? Every one of our sessions is completely free. You can sign up now for OIC’s webinars by visiting our events page. And here’s one more thing: When you register, you’ll get ongoing access to an on-demand replay, so you can watch the webinars, again and again, any time you want to review the concepts. 

Ready to learn? Sign up now, and we’ll see you in the third quarter.